Ad. Versa Gripps® Xtreme. The Best Training Accessory in The World. Made in The USA

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Versa Gripps® Xtreme. The Best Training Accessory in The World. Made in The USA

Product Description

Versa Gripps Outperform Gloves and Lifting Straps Anyone who lifts weights knows that grip strength is often their weakest link. Whether performing high repetitions with lighter weight, or low repetitions with heavier weight, an unsupported or unprotected grip can result in having to cut the routine short, or even dropping the weight. Versa Gripps are the key. They provide the ultimate mind‐muscle connection that enables the weight to be an extension of the user’s arm, effectively eliminating grip fatigue and failure.

Ingenious Design Gloves, lifting straps, and hooks have been around a while, and all have limitations. The sleek, cutting‐edge design of Versa Gripps replaces the need for any other product. They provide the support required for all pulling and pushing exercises, as well as the protection provided by gloves. Versa Gripps offer superior wrist support and palm protection for all pushing exercises. The quick‐release feature makes it safe and easy to let go of the weight immediately when necessary. Unlike lifting straps that cut off blood circulation and can cause nerve damage, Versa Gripps have a funnel‐shaped design that allows the weight to rest at the base of the hand so as not to restrict circulation. They also have a unique built‐in arch support to help prevent carpal tunnel and injuries.

Preferred by athletes at every fitness level and proudly made in the USA. Train Better with Versa Gripps.

Xtreme Versa Gripps are the most advanced grips we have ever created.

How do I determine my correct size?

To determine the correct size of Versa Gripps that you need, please wrap a measuring tape all the way around your wrist (directly over your wrist bone). The size of Versa Gripps is not determined by your hand size, but by your wrist circumference. Versa Gripps are designed to fit securely (not too tightly) around the base of your hand. When worn with a proper fit, you should be able to easily rotate the lifting portion of the Versa Gripps around to the back of your hand when not in use. **IMPORTANT!** If your wrist measurement is in between sizes, it is better to choose the smaller of the two sizes. This will offer a more secure fit. VERSA GRIPPS XTREME SIZING (Wrist Measurement).

X-Small: 5″ – 6”. Small: 6-1/8″ – 7”. Reg/Large: 7-1/8″ – 8”. Extra Large: 8″+

A Truly Unique Design

New, patented U-shaped bridging arch support.

This revolutionary innovation is built into every pair of Xtreme Versa Gripps. The arch support acts as a bridge to help keep the bar from coming into contact with the vulnerable carpal tunnel area. It also absorbs pressure from the weight bar, thus protecting the sensory receptors in the palm of your hand. This is especially advantageous during all pushing exercises.

Perfect For:
People who lift almost every day and who want a super durable product that will stand the test of time. Featuring patented technology exclusive to Versa Gripps. Our Most Advanced Product! People who lift multiple times each week and want maximum support and comfort. Our Most Popular Product! People who may be new to bodybuilding or who want a more affordable product. Women with smaller hands who still want effective grip support.

Palm Piece Material
“Non-Slip” Custom Engineered Material made exclusively for Versa Gripps USA “Non-Slip” Custom Engineered Material made exclusively for Versa Gripps USA Durable, Textured Grip-Enhancing Material padded with felt. “Non-Slip” Custom Engineered Material made exclusively for Versa Gripps USA.

BUILT TOUGH & MADE IN THE USA: Every pair of Xtreme Versa Gripps is double stitched with non-abrasive fabric for long-lasting durability throughout your toughest lifting, bodybuilding, and strength training workouts. The patented, U-shaped design and heavy-duty, eco-friendly wrist strap webbing are made exclusively for Versa Gripps USA.
HARNESS YOUR TRUE LIFTING POTENTIAL WITH NO-SLIP GRIPS: Lift more with the revolutionary, no-slip Xtreme Versa Gripps, featuring U-shaped bridging arch support that keeps the bar from coming in contact with the carpal tunnel area. Better than traditional wrist wraps, Versa Gripps absorb the pressure from the weight bar, making pushing and pulling exercises less of a strain on your hand’s sensory receptors, so you can get the most out of your training.
FIND YOUR FIT: For a true anti-slip experience with your lifting wrist wraps, make sure to choose your best fit. Measure the circumference of your wrist to find your correct size. XS: 5 – 6″, S: 6 1/8 – 7″, M/L: 7 1/8 – 8″, XL: 8″+.
ENHANCE YOUR MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION: With its unparalleled wrist and arch support, non-slip Versa Gripps wrist straps for weightlifting help you outperform the rest. Complete your next pushing or pulling exercise with this industry-trusted fitness accessory and give your mind the ability to focus on specific muscle groups without the distraction of grip fatigue.
Ad Amazon Versa Gripps® Xtreme. The Best Training Accessory in The World. Made in The USA

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