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Do The Difficult Thing!

We’ve made it our mission to help people achieve the health and fitness they need to live a life full of freedom.

We don’t think of fitness as a goal. We think of fitness as a tool – a power – that lets you unlock the opportunities and challenges that give you fulfilment and joy in life. We want to ensure you’re not forced to hold yourself back or be limited by your body.

Since DMoose opened in 2017, we’ve constantly been looking for innovative ways to improve the quality of our products. It’s all about keeping up with our customers. They desire high-performance gear, so that’s what we deliver.

It’s difficult to balance the perfect combination of durability, performance and cost. But we’re all about doing the difficult thing. We do it, so you have the tools you need to go out and do the difficult things too.

We don’t just sell gear. What we stand for is building rich, impassioned lives. That means creating a one-stop-shop where you and millions of others can learn how to start their fitness journey and maintain a regimen that fits your ambitions.

We’re about removing the barriers and making your workouts a seamless part of your day, so you can focus on what matters in your life.

Your All Fitness Needs

OFFER A LOW BOUNCE: Our amazing bumper weights are designed to bounce less when dropped. As a result, less force is exerted on the barbell. Besides, the center ring is protected from any damage and impact. By ensuring lower bounce, the barbell plates allow predictable bar travel when dropped so that you can work out easily and safely
QUIETER RUBBER CONSTRUCTION: The bumper plate made from rubber construction which is comparatively quieter than the traditional metal construction. The rubber construction makes the perfect fit for garage use. Moreover, are safer than iron plates.
FITS ALL RACKS WITH A 2-INCH HOLE: bumper plate set with a 2-inch opening, making it a perfect fit for any standard Olympic barbell. You can use them for many purposes, such as lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.
INCREASED DURABILITY: Olympic bumper weight plates. The stainless steel is firmly molded in, which helps increase its durability and prevents it from rust. Besides, the stainless-steel inserts can easily withstand repeated drops with minimal bounce.
STANDARD 450MM DIAMETER: The plates for working out sets have an IWF standard 450MM diameter with a weight within 1% of its target. The plates have minimal surface imperfections. They are designed with a variety of widths for different weights: 1″ width for 10lbs, 1.22″ for 15lbs, 1.89″ for 25lbs, 2.52″ for 35lbs, and 3.20″ for 45lbs.

Ad Amazon DMoose Bumper Plates for Strength Conditioning Training, Bodybuilding & Olympic Weight Plates 10 Lb. / 25 Lb. / 35 Lb. / 45 Lb. Available in

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